Crew portal

A portal is a web tool, where you can get information about a certain topic, job, product or service. A cabin crew portal is a useful tools for Stewards and Stewardesses, where they can get information on their industry. The portal can host a lot of information based on the specifics of the site owners.

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Work related news

There are many jobs that are offered to cabin crew by various airlines the information on the jobs is hosted on a portal, through which cabin crew can apply for jobs for career advancement. The jobs may be brand specific, where the portal is owned by a single airline, or general, where various airlines advertise their vacant positions on a single portal. This helps crew members to change from one carrier to another, depending on various factors, such as remuneration, and advancement opportunities.

Training news

Crew members can use a cabin crew portal to access information on training opportunities. Some of the opportunities are advertised to members of a particular airline, or can be advertised to member of other companies too. In any career, training play a great role in advancing the capabilities of individual members of the company. It also provides individuals with the opportunity to pursue better opportunities through advancing their education. With good training, cabin crew members are better able to provide unique services to the customer, thereby advancing brand loyalty.

Better coordination of industry related information

Cabin crew members need to be informed on the latest news affecting their industry andor brand. If there is a complaint, then the news needs to be given to members so they can better address the issues contained in the complaint. With such a portal, the performance of various crew members and airlines can be better analyzed, and this leads to healthy competition, within the airline, and also externally. If there are any awards to be given to certain crew members, they get more incentive to perform better. Certain safety and performance awards can be announced on such a portal, thereby making healthy competition possible.

Hiring information

For those wishing to join airlines as cabin crew members, such portals are a goldmine of information on how you can navigate the hiring process. Certain airlines give prospective crew members the opportunity to apply for new-entrant positions, thereby giving people the opportunity to join the industry. Rather than visit the airline offices, applicants can place their applications online, and they can be given feedback on the status of their application. This serves the human resource departments well, since they can easily sift through the applications, and shortlist successful applicants for a physical interview.

Cabin crew portals improve the performance of the members, and this improves the overall service delivery within the industry. Such portals allow customers to get into flights that are manned by professional, and well-trained crew members. All this works towards the comfort of the travelers, making sure that they get to their destinations comfortably and safely. These portals are a boon to the industry as a whole.